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21ideas is an open-source project curated by enthusiasts. It provides free access to the most comprehensive library of Bitcoin knowledge for anyone interested.

Study Bitcoin #

The goal of the project is to provide everyone with the necessary knowledge about Bitcoin. The materials collected on this site aim to help you fully understand the significance of this discovery and how it addresses various problems.


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The project code is open and in the public domain, allowing anyone to suggest improvements, new articles, or books. To contribute to the bitcoin community, please visit our GitHub repository or reach out to Tony via feedback page.


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In addition to contributing as an author or translator, you can also support the project with donations or by sharing your own unique talent. To find out how you can support the project, visit the Contribute section or click the button below.


The site is divided into logical sections to make it easier to navigate and provide the most intuitive experience for anyone interested in Bitcoin.

If you are just starting to familiarize yourself with Bitcoin, we have prepared a special section for you, containing all the necessary information. Follow this link to start your journey deep down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.