Orangepilling in 5 min

Orangepilling in 5 min

January 3, 2023

This thread was published by Hector Alvero in Twitter.


What do you do when you meet someone casually at a party or social event and they ask you the tiny question with the huge answer:

What is Bitcoin?

We know the best way to orange pill someone is by asking questions to plant seeds that nurture curiosity. That works great with people we know or see often, but what about strangers you’ve just met and may never see again? Can we still open their minds in just a few minutes?

The answer is yes, but we must use different seeds. Consider the three-step approach below for quickly planting those seeds:

  1. A brief answer
  2. A brief action
  3. A brief ask

1. A brief answer #

You will be tempted to try and cram all the information you can into the short time you have. Resist this temptation. Your goal is not to completely satisfy their curiosity, but rather to provide just enough information to make them more curious.

One idea for a brief answer that plants the first seed is below:

Precoiner: I heard you are into Bitcoin. I’ve heard about it, but what is Bitcoin?

You: I like to describe it as a new form of money that no one can make, no one can fake, and no one can take. Let me explain…

No One Can Make

Bitcoin has a fixed total supply of 21 million, and the creation of new bitcoin is controlled by computer software that prevents anyone from making them any faster than the program’s rules allow.

No One Can Fake

Bitcoin keeps a ledger called the blockchain that tracks who owns every bitcoin and every transaction on the network. The record is kept simultaneously on thousands of computers around the world, so no one can cheat or try to spend bitcoin they don’t own.

No One Can Take

Because the ledger is decentralized across all those computers no person, company, or government can shut it down, confiscate it, or decide how or when you can spend your bitcoin.

And because Bitcoin is just information, you can take the access to your bitcoin with you in your head anywhere on earth and no one can know how much you have or stop you from using it.

Now comes a critical moment; transitioning to planting the second seed with a brief action. Right after you finish your answer, transition to the second seed by asking:

“Would you like to see how easy it is to receive Bitcoin?”

Ask this question as you are pulling out your phone. Given the reciprocity they will feel from the brief answer you just gave, and their natural curiosity as they see you holding your phone, they are very likely to say yes.

2. A brief action #

  • Ask them to pull out their phone
  • Help them install a lightning wallet
  • Send them some sats
  • Have them send you half the sats back

As you do this, point out that it wouldn’t matter if you were two feet away or halfway around the world. It works instantly for any two people anywhere. Also mention that you could have just as easily sent a million dollars as a few dollars, and for the same near zero cost.

Why is this important? Why take the time to set up a wallet and do a transaction? Why not just stop after the explanation?

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, but an action is worth a thousand pictures.

Getting Bitcoin into their hands is a powerful seed that will continue to grow long after your conversation ends. They will see the wallet icon when they use their phone and think of your conversation. Remember, your goal isn’t to quench their curiosity…it is to expand it.

Now that they understand a little about what Bitcoin is and see how easy it is to use, you are ready to plant the final seed with a brief ask as you wrap up your conversation.

3. A brief ask #

Ask if you can connect with them on Twitter in case they have other questions in the future. When they say yes (they likely will), have them follow you right then. Remember, your phones are already out.

Each step in the process has its purpose:

  • The answer establishes credibility
  • The action increases curiosity
  • The ask creates a connection

If there isn’t enough time for everything, don’t worry. Plant the seeds you can and let them grow naturally. Some will take and some won’t, and that’s ok. Focus on progress, not perfection. Remember that every seed you plant has the chance to change a life. It’s worth it.

How do you like to introduce people to Bitcoin when you have just a few minutes to pique their interest?

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