Bitcoin Obsoletes All Other Money

January 24, 2020
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Contents ... Gradually, Then Suddenly: Intro Bitcoin Can’t Be Copied Bitcoin Is Not Too Volatile Bitcoin Does Not Waste Energy Bitcoin is Not Too Slow Bitcoin Fixes This Bitcoin, Not Blockchain Bitcoin is Not Backed by Nothing Bitcoin is Not a Pyramid Scheme Bitcoin Cannot be Banned Bitcoin is Not for Criminals Bitcoin Obsoletes All Other Money Bitcoin is a Rally Cry Bitcoin is Common Sense Bitcoin is Antifragile Bitcoin is One for All Bitcoin is the Great Definancialization This article by Parker Lewis was first published in Unchained blog. ...

Inalienable Property Rights

April 3, 2022
bitcoin, money, freedom, proof-of-work

This essay by Gigi was published on website. Contribute. Video bitcoinized by RD ₿TC, based on an edit by Ampleforth. Original source: An interview with F.A. Hayek (1984) Law. Language. Money. The three paradigms of spontaneous and emergent order in society. Moral questions are at the root of it all: Who should be allowed to speak? Who should be allowed to publish? Who should be allowed to have property? ...